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Our service is not about giving advice, but following a process to ensure you are satisfied and that the end product increases your business internationally. As such we will work to help develop a strong marketing and financial strategy for you. We will help develop a clear international online and offline communications programme to improve sales. We will continue to work for you in the development of the marketing tools, your company needs to compete in the international marketplace. Marketing tools can be online applications or printed catalogues, depending on the target market and how you want to reach the market.

IT support for marketing

Instead of expensive, simple solutions created by programmers, we offer you a special communication and internet system, consisting of unique elements.

This system

  1. will support your international marketing concept
  2. We help you to communicate more effectively with your foreign partners, retailers and clients
  3. We help you to better manage and market your projects

We tailor make your marketing tools not only from the standpoint of language, but we take into consideration the cultural differences of your target language as well in order to better insure your success in the marketplace. Direct translations of Hungarian texts are not always optimal and that is why we carefully consider and plan the contents of each text to ensure both linguistic and cultural accuracy of what you want to communicate to your target market.

We look forward to assisting you, so, please contact us at your earliest convenience!