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Services >> Business translation

In the case of business communication two types of written texts are used. Marketing texts, which represents the firm's aspect and strategy and professional type of catalogues and brochures. These are indispensible in the case of functional relationships. The traditional international briefing is arranged mainly by emails, if it is needed, we can solve the continues translation of briefing.

Suggested translation

Regarding a business communication, two types of written texts are used. One text is a marketing text, which represents the firm's strategy. A second type of text are professional catalogues and brochures. These texts are indispensable to doing business effectively and efficiently in today's complex business marketplace.

Translation and proofreading

In some cases it is suggested that we translate existing marketing texts. For example, you may have to respond to a new foreign partner's requests. When working cross-culturally, it is important to understand the business and language characteristics of a culture in order to communicate clearly in the target language. This is why we emphasize the need to use native language consultants in our translation work to better ensure the effectiveness of your final product is understood by your target market.

Translation of economic-technical texts

Although marketing is certainly important, you must also convey "know how" in providing technical and financial solutions. In a professional text, it is extremely important for it to be written in an easy to read style that uses clear terminology, so the message is not lost to your customer. To better facilitate this need, we use a programme called "Wordfast", which is not only able to translate texts, but assists the translator with the use of an unified translator memory.

Services >> Business translation