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Business text-writing

Before writing a marketing text draft, it is important to first define the exact marketing concept such as the target market and the product being marketed. When working through this process, your active participation is needed to ensure clarity. To simply write a text without a target or goal in mind would be pointless. As a member of the Business Provider Group, we will work closely with you to ensure that the final product attracts your costumer to your product effectively.

Definition of the marketing concept

We will use a variety of strategies in developing your marketing strategy such as the SWOT analysis, Porter analysis, competition analysis, and BCG matrix. By carefully defining strategy, we can better develop the text, which you present your product to your target market.

The development of content structure and marketing message

Content structure depends on the chosen tools needed to communicate your product to a target market such as internet portal, printed or multimedia tools. The message must be clearly defined, so your target market will clearly understand what you intend to provide.

Composing the texts

Composing depends on the content structure. This is best accomplished by emphasizing the advantages and oppurtunities provided by your firm to your clients. The final version will become finalized after a through testing of the product with selected clients to be certain, what you wish to convey they clearly understand.

Services >> Business text-writing